Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Big Bang Theory of Love: A Penny for my thoughts!

          …and it all started with a Big Bang!” Thus The Big Bang Theory heralds an unusual comic blend of unexciting physics and engineering with a street-smart woman’s passion for men, wine and shopping. Nerdy has long been funny, but nothing beats the eccentric characters of Sheldon, Howard or Raj. Compared with them Leonard seems a more realistic personality! Penny is our typical girl-next-door-from-small-town-but-in-big-city-with-bigger-hopes!
          Everyone who has followed the series will know these and maybe some more details about these characters. Probably some can even recount every dialogue! But if someone were asked “What did you learn from The Big Bang Theory?” what do you think would be the most likely answer?

Monday, October 31, 2011

The blurred line between fun and depravation

Moving into the new millennium India was considered as the emerging super power comparable with US, Japan and China. A key factor for this prediction was the burgeoning growth of youth as a percentage of the total population. Come 2012, China is already witnessing some effects similar to the developed countries of the Western Hemisphere where the percentage of aged population is superseding the percentage of working population (youth). India is not yet expected to touch this threshold in the next two decades. But for India to realize this "advantage of youth" its youth need to understand the significance of the expectations resting on their shoulders and work for taking it to fruition. This brings us to the topic of fun and depravation; the blurred line that many youth fail to perceive!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Second Freedom Movement of India

India, a few centuries ago, had nearly 20% of the entire known world’s wealth and it was this enormous wealth which attracted the innumerable plunderers and colonists from ancient times. The recent treasures discovered in the cellars of a South Indian temple are testimony to the incalculable treasures stolen from our country. The repeated onslaughts by the various cultures and countries left the majority of the population bereft of wealth and basic comforts. But finally, Indians managed to throw away the yoke of colonialism and fight their way through to complete freedom. Er... did I say “complete” freedom?